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A dispute regarding the tipaksayas (casual expenses) arose
between the sabha of Karivena agrahara and Dudyala Peddi
Bhathij one of the shareholders. The parties went to Nandyala
for the settlement of the dispute. The details are as follows:—
In the year Vilambi (S. S. 1520) when Venkatapatiraya
was encamped before the fort of Nandyala which he was
besieging, Dudyala Peddi Bhatlu Mallu Bhatlugaru through the
good offices of the king's sthanapatis Vobularaju Narasimhaya
and Meiaaji, despatched mahaldars to the village of Karivena,
and having summoned the sabha, and the kara$am9 Parvataraju
to the camp enquired why they refused to allow him to
enjoy the vrttis in the village which had been previously
granted to him. The members of the sabha stated that as
Peddi Bhatlu Mallu Bhatlu, had not paid his contributions and
when asked to pay the amount had threatened violence
(therefore, they had to forbid him from enjoying the vrttis till
the dues were paid.) The king (?) said, " the matter should be
settled according to law; and might is inadmissible. Summon
a sabha here and secure (a copy of) the Vijnarie§var1ya ". The
members of the sabhas of Nandyala, Nandavaram and
Veddugandla, being summoned by the king, constituted thgrn-
selves into a dharmasana and asked Peddi Bhatlu Mallu Bhatlu
to state his case.
Peddi Bhatlu Mallu Bhatlu stated before the sabhR that he
had been in enjoyment of 15J vrttis at Karivena. As he
was not allowed to enjoy the produce from them, he came
there to seek justice. When the karanam and the members
of the sabha were questioned why they so prohibited him,
they replied as follows :—
(The village has been subjected to several items of
1.   The  dayiluga   or  fine   collected    by
TJddanda Vobularaju                   ...    ga.    40